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I had a hard time to get a TCP/IP stack to work with the daughter board. I tried AmiTCP v3 and v4, Miami, and Roadshow. While with some I could ping but without a DNS, with other I couldn't do anything. At the end, the solution came from the nice people on the FPGAArcade Slack.

Networking takes:

  • Install AmiTCP v4 in SYS:System/AmiTCP
  • Assign AmiTCP: SYS:System/AmiTCP
  • Copying AmiTCP.key into AmiTCP:Devs (from EasyNet Pro, in my case)
  • Path AmiTCP:Bin ADD
  • Run <>NIL: AmiTCP:AmiTCP
  • Wait 10
  • Run <>NIL: BootPConfig eth0 IP GW

A key parameter is "GW" to define the gateway (thanks for the suggestion @highpuff!). The gateway is already defined in some other file but it had (only?) to be also put on the command line of BootPConfig...

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