DongilGeon Hardware

I wanted to emulate as closely as possible my configuration but with the additional speed of the hosted PC. Here are my observations when playing with different parameters of WinUAE. I ran into problems with choppy sounds:

  1. When I selected "Fastest possible, but maintain chipset timing", the emulation was fast, the CPU was going beyond 100%, the sound was choppy;
  2. When I selected "Approximate A500 or A500/A1200 cycle-exact", the emulation was slow, the CPU was never going above 30%, the sound was fine;
  3. When I selected "Adjustable between CPU and chipset", either I did not touch anything and obtained the same emulation as in 2. or I moved one of the sliders by just one tick to the right and the emulation was even slower than 2.

So, basically, I ran into my sound problem as soon as I played with the CPU Emulation Speed with two choices to solve it:

  • Either use "Approximate A500 or A500/A1200 cycle-exact";
  • Or use "Chipset -> Cycle-exact" and then change the frequency in "Cycle-exact CPU Emulation Speed" to obtain a faster emulation (in that case, the CPU hovers between 30% and 100%).

The last three changes:

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