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Dune II is one of the first real-time strategy game released. Whether you choose to play as a general in the House Atreides, House Ordos, or House Harkonnen, your objective is to conquer the planet of Arakis through nine battles against the other houses and, eventually, the Emperor Frederick IV of House Corrino himself.

There are nine battles to fight for each House before winning Dune II. After playing for some times, the typical strategies of the computer become quite obvious and only the ninth battle is really difficult, not because of strategy so much but because of the missiles that may randomly destroy your base.

Below are some strategies and hints to help win Dune II as well as downloads with all the battles available for the different houses, enjoy!



The background story of the game:





When playing House Atreides, I met some challenges:

  • Battle 6 against House Harkonnen, I realised after some explorations that they have two construction yards, one in the north-east and another in the north-west;
  • Battle 7 against House Ordos, I faced waves of Ornithopteres at the (very) beginning of the battle... my advice: build lots of rocket turrets!


When I played with House Harkonnen, I also met some challenges:

  • In both Battle 5 against House Atreides and Battle 6 against House Ordos, there are two constructions yards to destroy before wiping the enemies out...
  • In Battle 9, I suggest starting to attack the enemies from the extreme east, then their construction yards are easy to pick from the rear, from the extreme north.


I found that playing House Ordos did not bring any additional challenges (maybe even less...) than playing House Atreides.


Here are some strategies mostly independent of your House:

  • "Pinning attackers": when a unit engages an enemy vehicle, this vehicle systematically returns fire, whatever target it had before being engaged. Thus, having a bunch of tanks backed up by canon or missile towers is a very efficient defense... Enemy vehicles get pinned down by the tanks and are quickly destroyed by the tower fire;
  • "Stopping the waves": the enemy vehicles mostly always arrive from the same directions so it is wise to wait for the first wave of assault and then build canon or missile towers on the wave path.
  • "Laying low": enemies will immediately target any heavy factory or repair facility that you build... First, use a starport to obtain new vehicles and, once you have fortified your base, second, build a repair facility. This strategy saves you spice and provides you with a clear target for enemy waves.



The following downloads are ADFs (Amiga Disk Files) containing the nine battles saved at their very beginning plus a couple of saved games just before winning for each houses.



Some screenshots, mostly of the victory sequence, the most interesting one being that of House Harkonnene, the most boring, that of House Ordos:



The Internet provides lots of information about Dune II, among others:


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