FOTAQ Solution

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Buenos Aires

Use the curtain cord
Pick up a wig
Pick up the sheets on the bed
Pick up the other sheet
In inventory, use the sheet on the other sheet
Use the sheet rope on radiator
Use the radiator with sheet rope
Move the ladder to the left
Pick up a box of crowbars
Pick up the comedy breasts
Use the sheet rope at far left
Use the crowbar on the chest
Look at the chest to obtain a towel
Use the radiator with sheet rope
Walk to the door at the top of the stairs
Talk to the bellboy (if you try to exit the lobby, you'll lose your clothes):

  • About that key on your desk...
  • I need to borrow it for a while
  • About that key again...
  • I'm Lola's friend, she asked me to get it for her

Pick up the key
Walk to the darkened doorway back downstairs
Use the key on the red door
Walk to the door:

  • Lola, I need your help.
  • This is serious. Can you help me?
  • Can you help me get outta here?

Give the towel to Lola
Use the dress
Walk to the door at the top of the stairs
CUT SCENE: Professor Ironstein's Dino Ray
Walk to the truck outside the hotel lobby
Pick up the hay
Pick up the oil
Use the oil on Rico in the car:

  • I'm a better pilot that you will ever be.
  • It's time to say goodbye Anderson.

CUT SCENE: Storm over the Amazon jungle


Amazon Jungle

Look at the waterlogged seats to obtain a comic book coupon
Open the duffle bag
Look in the duffle bag to get a knife and a lighter
Talk to Sparky:

  • What supplies do we have?
  • I'm starved. I'd love some beef jerky.
  • What? A mechanic?
  • Hang in there.

Open the hatch and walk to it
Use the beef jerky on the piranhas
Pick up the propeller
Use the knife on the lily stem
Use the propeller on the giant lily pad
Walk to N path and learn about Princess Azura and Trader Bob
Use the knife on the vine
Return S to the crash site
Continue S to a river scene
Use the vine on the bridge
Cross the bridge and pick up a banana
Go back over the bridge and exit S
Move N N and talk to the gorilla:

  • Sorry pal, but I don't speak APE.
  • Say, you're a gorilla ain't you?
  • I thought gorillas came from Africa...
  • This is South America. You shouldn't be here.

Walk N to the Pinnacle
CUT SCENE: Faye throws her perfume into the river and disappears
Walk to Trader Bob
Walk E and enter Trader Bob's shop
He asks you if you're interested in finding the kidnapped Princess Azura:

  • Okay, I'll help. Fill me in on the details.
  • Now that I have the details, I guess I'll be off.

Talk to Trader Bob to learn of his need for flowers:

  • I've got some questions that I'd like to ask.
  • Could you tell me more about Naomi?
  • Thanks for answering my questions.
  • I think I'll browse.

Give the rest of the beef jerky to Trader Bob and get some money in return
Pick up the vacuum cleaner
Return W to the Pinnacle
CUT SCENE: Mad scientist Ironstein in his underground bunker
Walk to Floda Inc. Camp
Pick up a flower from the bed in front of the house
Return to the Pinnacle and head for the Jungle
Walk to the N path and cross the log by the sloth, then continue E
Talk to Bud:

  • Boy it's hot here, is it always this hot?

and learn about his rash
Talk to Skip:

  • What comic book were you reading?
  • My friend loves reading "Commander Rocket". Obtain a secret message: GSRH RH Z HVXIVG NVHHZTV
  • My friend has every issue of "Rocket" but one.
  • The one where he battles the Chicago Mob.
  • I gotta go now.

Move NE E and talk to the vicious dinosaur:

  • What on Earth are you supposed to be?
  • I know who you are, you're the gorilla I saw earlier.
  • You can't eat me, gorillas are vegetarians!

Talk to the gorilla in costume:

  • How did you do that disappearing trick before?
  • Would you disappear again if I said you don't exist?
  • Sorry pal, but you don't exist.

Exit E into the hollow log
From the other side of the gorge, exit NE
Use the vacuum cleaner on the orchid swarming with wasps
Pick up the orchid
Exit E, then SE to the Pinnacle after seeing the entrance to the Amazon Fortress
Walk to Trader Bob
Enter his shop and give him the orchid
Pick up the bucket o' nets
Return W to the Pinnacle and go to the Crash Site
Walk back to Sparky's location and use the net on the perfume
Give the comic book to Sparky and get a file
Return to the Jungle via the Pinnacle
Exit directly E and use the net on the beetle
Exit E, then S to the mission
Talk to Mary-Lou:

  • Who did you set the mission up for?
  • Why did the pygmies run away?
  • I would've stayed for an encore.
  • How did you talk to the pygmies?
  • I'll swap you for your dictionary.
  • Would you like another nail file?

Return to Trader Bob via the Pinnacle and talk to the witch doctor in front of the shop:

  • What are you doing?
  • Could you make me a rash cure?
  • Thanks for the information.
  • Nice talking to you.

to learn of the ingredients needed for a rash potion:

  1. The hair of a slow moving climber.
  2. Milk from a sacred site.
  3. Something to give it a little buzz.

Enter Trader Bob's shop and talk to Naomi:

  • What's with the barber chair out front?
  • Could you give me a hair cut?
  • How come you're nervous about your date tonight?
  • I think I'll look around.

Give the perfume to Naomi and get scissors in return
Return to the Pinnacle and head for the Jungle
Walk to the N path and give the flower to the three-toed sloth
Use the scissors on the three-toed sloth
Move E NE E S to the mission
Give the banana to the middle monkey and get a coconut in return
Use the knife on the coconut
Move N N W and return to Trader Bob via the Pinnacle
Give the coconut halves to the witch doctor
Give the sloth hair to the witch doctor
Give the vacuum cleaner to the witch doctor
Return via the Pinnacle to Bud & Skip in the Jungle
Give the lotion to Bud and get lots of money in exchange
Return to Trader Bob's shop via the Pinnacle
Pick up the record from the shelf
Return via the Pinnacle to the Crash Site
Move E S S and pick up another banana
Return to the Pinnacle and go to the Floda Inc. Camp
Enter the Flöda showroom to the E
Talk to the secretary:

  • I'm curious. What are you guys doing in the jungle?
  • I'm the fumigator.
  • Did you say secret passages?!

Exit E into the kitchen and talk to the chef:

  • What are you doing?
  • This is a waste of time.

Give the banana to the chef
Pick up a can of dog food
If desired, pick up the cheeze bitz
Exit E and open the mail bag
Look at the mail bag and get a letter
Look at the letter to Private John
Open the foot locker and pick up a squeaky toy
Move E W N into the library
Look at the couch to pick up some more money
There are a lot of "red herrings" in this room - most of them don't do anything
Use the record on the phonogram
Use the elevator
From the elevator corridor, open the door at left and enter the warehouse
Look at the box downstairs to obtain a can opener
Return to the elevator corridor and move S into the two-doors corridor
Give the letter to Private John
Open the nearer door and enter the office beyond
Look at the duty roster on the wall to determine that Colonel Jackson is in charge of the kitchen detail
Return to the two-doors corridor and move S into Klunk's corridor
Continue S into the fire exit corridor
Open the door at left and enter the room beyond:

  • You're needed for kitchen duty.
  • Colonel Jackson.

Open the door at left and enter the room beyond
CUT SCENE: Anderson and Ironstein in a secret laboratory
Pick up the book from the table
Use the knife on the book to obtain a key
Return to the fire exit corridor and move N into the Fire Exit
Exit E up the stairs into the prison:

  • I'll be back soon.

Use the key on the prison door
Back in the Floda showroom, pick up the pencil from the desk
For some fun, use the light switch
Use the manneqiuns
Talk to Princess Azura:

  • Did you see the guard enter the door code?

Use the wall panel
Return to the Pinnacle and head for the Amazon fortress
Use the buttons on the stone carving
Talk to the bedraggled prisoner:

  • Nice hand puppets you have there.
  • Yeah, I like the one with the stick.
  • Why am I behind bars?
  • Well, are you going to get me out of here?
  • Okay... I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused.
  • Okay. I'm really, really sorry. Will you forgive me?

Exit N
Move W SE back to the Pinnacle and go to the Jetty
Talk to the ferryman:

  • I'm Joe King, pilot for hire.
  • You sound upset bud. What's the matter?
  • Are you fishing?
  • What sort of bait are you using?

Give the beetle to the ferryman
Talk to the ferryman again:

  • Will you take me to Sloth Island now?


Sloth Island

Move N into the temple entrance
Exit NE into a room with the dino rat
Move the leftmost corpse and pick up an arm bone
Move the next body and pick up a skull
Exit NE into the next room
Move the left-center body and pick up a leg bone
Move the far-right body and pick up a rib cage
Exit NE back into the entrance room
Use the leg bone in the lower-right hole
Use the rib cage in the center hole
Use the skull in the upper hole
Use the arm bone in the slot-machine socket at far left
Use some money in the slot-machine slot
Move the arm bone of the slot machine to disclose a secret passage
Enter the secret passage and meet the temple guardian:

  • Would it be some sort of weird animal?
  • I know, it's man in his three stages of life!
  • Thanks for the riddle. I'll see you later.

Referring to the temple map, enter the right-hand portal of the large statue and make your way to the sarcophagus room
Talk to the leftmost zombie woman:

  • I don't see any Prince. Where is he?
  • How do you know the Prince is still in there?
  • Prove to me he's still there, open the sarcophagus.
  • You're afraid he's not inside, aren't you?

Pick up the mummy wrappings
Talk to the zombie woman again:

  • I think you should open the sarcophagus again.
  • I pulled a pile of rags out of the sarcophagus.

Open the sarcophagus to obtain the prince's crown
Use the knife on the vines in the sarcophagus
Close the sarcophagus, then move it to disclose a secret passage
Walk to the new exit
Use the knife on the tree sap
Pick up the tree sap
Move the fountain head at left and pick up the blue jewel
Exit W through the archway and talk to Ian:

  • How do I get over to where you are?
  • I gotta go now.

Exit W into the steam room
Use the hand puppet to retrieve the stone disc
Return E E to the room with the fountain head
Use the lever to return to the large statue
Follow the central (mouth) portal to the upper pulley room
Use the stone disc on the spindle
Use the gnarled vine on the stone disc
Return via the large statue to the lower pulley room
Use the loose vines on the pulley
Use the bat on the pulley to raise the stone door at right
Move E and pick up the pick from the cave
Return W and lower the slab by using the bat on the pulley
Return via the large statue to the upper pulley room, then exit N to the cavern
Use the pick on the stalactite and pick up a flint
Use the pick on the wall hole at left to open a passage to the lower treasure room
Return to the large statue and follow the left-hand portal to the snake room
Use the mummy wrappings on the arm bone
Use the flint on the lighter
Use the lighter on the makeshift torch to ignite it
Use the lit torch on the snake to drive it away
Move N into the waterfall room, then take the lit-up N exit beneath the walkway
If you lowered the stone slab back down in the lower pulley room, the stone slab at right should be raised
Move E to the lower pit area
You need Ian to spring a trap for you later, so you'll have to release him
Move the lever on the statue holding the rope, then talk to Ian at right:

  • I've got an idea!
  • I'd like you to untie the rope tethering the cage

Move the lever again to free Ian
Return to the waterfall room and take the SE exit into the purple room
Look at the dead body to obtain an ID card and a piece of stone
Move W E into the lasers room
This room has two less-than-obvious exits to the SE and W
Move W W into the double-waterfall room
CUT SCENE: Zeppelin hangar
Sounds like a problem for Ian!
Pick up the big stick at left
Put the blue jewel "teardrop" in the right side of the statue's face
Return via the large statue and sarcophagus exit to the steam room
Look at Ian's pulverised body to obtain a small piece of rock
Return via the large statue to the lower treasure room off the cavern
Use the big stick on the crypt
Look at the crypt to obtain a death mask
Use the rest of the mummy wrappings on the death mask to clean it
Return to the lasers room and use the death mask on the lizard heads
Follow the opened exit N to the upper treasure room
Use the tree sap on the bat, then use the sticky bat to retrieve the green jewel
Return to the double-waterfall room and put the green jewel in the statue's face
Exit through the right-hand secret passage into the altar room
Use the knife on the sticky bat to remove the sap
Use the tree sap on the chunk of rock
Use the sticky chunk of rock on the bit of stone to make a stone key
Use the stone key on the altar statue to disclose a secret staircase
Descend the stairs and cross the green room into the temple maze
In the room with the dino rat, walk directly across to the left exit on the lower edge of the screen
In the room full of still water, take the lower of the two exits at right (the one with a chunk missing)
In the dry room without the dino rat, take the uppermost of the two exits at left
From the room with a window, exit NE
If desired, use the vacuum cleaner on the floor of the mosaic room
Careful examination of the wall and floor markings shows that the only wall marking not on the floor is in the bottom row and second column from the left
Move this wall marking
After the wall markings change, the only one not seen on the floor is the backwards IE symbol in the third row from the top and the third column from the left
Move this wall marking to open a new exit
Move E and talk to the temple guardian:

  • Of course! I'm Joe Almaxaquottl, prince for hire!

Give the crown to the guardian and pick up the crystal skull
Move N W and move each of the two wall panels beneath the window
Use the chair to leave the temple



Respond to Ironstein:

  • Why on Earth do you need more dinosaurs?
  • Deoxyribonucleic acid. It's found in chromosomes.
  • You're not mixing dinosaur D.N.A with human D.N.A.?

Pick up the mug and use it on the prison door
Go down the stairs and pick up the super weenie serum from the laboratory shelf
Return to Klunk's corridor
Use the can opener on the dog food
Use the super weenie serum on the opened dog food
Give Klunk the chef's surprise, then talk to him:

  • You really think you're a tough guy, don't you?
  • I don't think you're tough. I think you're a weenie.

Open the door next to Klunk and enter the office beyond
Use the pencil on the writing pad to disclose the combination to a safe
Exit back to Klunk's corridor, then move E to the two-doors corridor
Open the far door and enter the room beyond
Move the green file cabinet, then use the combination piece of paper on the safe
Open the safe and look at it to obtain a padlock key and a rocket plan
Exit via the elevator to the Floda library
Leave the building and give the squeaky toy to the guard dog
Open the "KEEP OUT" door and enter the shed
In the warehouse, use the padlock key on the box's padlock
Open the box and look in it to obtain a rocket pack
Look at the rocket pack to see that it's out of fuel
Look at the comic book to determine that the rocket pack can be refueled with alcohol
Return via the Pinnacle to Trader Bob's shop
Pick up the alcohol
Use the torn comic book page with the comic coupon
Look at the Pocket Rocket blueprints
Use the alcohol on the rocket pack
Return to the Pinnacle and use the rocket pack


Valley of the Mists

Exit E, then walk N N to the distant clearing
Use the knife on the branches, then return S and use the branches on the large dinosaur
Move S S W
Use the tyranno horn to scare away the meat-eating dinosaur
Continue E and watch the cut scene with the crystal robot
Pick up the dino ray gun
Use the dino ray gun on monster Frank
Talk to Faye:

  • I'd like you to turn your mirror around.

Use the dino ray gun on monster Frank
Give the death mask to Sparky
Use the dino ray gun on monster Frank
Watch the endgame sequence and credits (press F10 to exit)


The End of FOTAQ


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