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This part of the solution is taken from Balmoral Software's Web site, where you can also find some cool maps... Thanks a lot for helping us!


Sloth Island

Move N into the temple entrance
Exit NE into a room with the dino rat
Move the leftmost corpse and pick up an arm bone
Move the next body and pick up a skull
Exit NE into the next room
Move the left-center body and pick up a leg bone
Move the far-right body and pick up a rib cage
Exit NE back into the entrance room
Use the leg bone in the lower-right hole
Use the rib cage in the center hole
Use the skull in the upper hole
Use the arm bone in the slot-machine socket at far left
Use some money in the slot-machine slot
Move the arm bone of the slot machine to disclose a secret passage
Enter the secret passage and meet the temple guardian:

  • Would it be some sort of weird animal?
  • I know, it's man in his three stages of life!
  • Thanks for the riddle. I'll see you later.

Referring to the temple map, enter the right-hand portal of the large statue and make your way to the sarcophagus room
Talk to the leftmost zombie woman:

  • I don't see any Prince. Where is he?
  • How do you know the Prince is still in there?
  • Prove to me he's still there, open the sarcophagus.
  • You're afraid he's not inside, aren't you?

Pick up the mummy wrappings
Talk to the zombie woman again:

  • I think you should open the sarcophagus again.
  • I pulled a pile of rags out of the sarcophagus.

Open the sarcophagus to obtain the prince's crown
Use the knife on the vines in the sarcophagus
Close the sarcophagus, then move it to disclose a secret passage
Walk to the new exit
Use the knife on the tree sap
Pick up the tree sap
Move the fountain head at left and pick up the blue jewel
Exit W through the archway and talk to Ian:

  • How do I get over to where you are?
  • I gotta go now.

Exit W into the steam room
Use the hand puppet to retrieve the stone disc
Return E E to the room with the fountain head
Use the lever to return to the large statue
Follow the central (mouth) portal to the upper pulley room
Use the stone disc on the spindle
Use the gnarled vine on the stone disc
Return via the large statue to the lower pulley room
Use the loose vines on the pulley
Use the bat on the pulley to raise the stone door at right
Move E and pick up the pick from the cave
Return W and lower the slab by using the bat on the pulley
Return via the large statue to the upper pulley room, then exit N to the cavern
Use the pick on the stalactite and pick up a flint
Use the pick on the wall hole at left to open a passage to the lower treasure room
Return to the large statue and follow the left-hand portal to the snake room
Use the mummy wrappings on the arm bone
Use the flint on the lighter
Use the lighter on the makeshift torch to ignite it
Use the lit torch on the snake to drive it away
Move N into the waterfall room, then take the lit-up N exit beneath the walkway
If you lowered the stone slab back down in the lower pulley room, the stone slab at right should be raised
Move E to the lower pit area
You need Ian to spring a trap for you later, so you'll have to release him
Move the lever on the statue holding the rope, then talk to Ian at right:

  • I've got an idea!
  • I'd like you to untie the rope tethering the cage

Move the lever again to free Ian
Return to the waterfall room and take the SE exit into the purple room
Look at the dead body to obtain an ID card and a piece of stone
Move W E into the lasers room
This room has two less-than-obvious exits to the SE and W
Move W W into the double-waterfall room
CUT SCENE: Zeppelin hangar
Sounds like a problem for Ian!
Pick up the big stick at left
Put the blue jewel "teardrop" in the right side of the statue's face
Return via the large statue and sarcophagus exit to the steam room
Look at Ian's pulverised body to obtain a small piece of rock
Return via the large statue to the lower treasure room off the cavern
Use the big stick on the crypt
Look at the crypt to obtain a death mask
Use the rest of the mummy wrappings on the death mask to clean it
Return to the lasers room and use the death mask on the lizard heads
Follow the opened exit N to the upper treasure room
Use the tree sap on the bat, then use the sticky bat to retrieve the green jewel
Return to the double-waterfall room and put the green jewel in the statue's face
Exit through the right-hand secret passage into the altar room
Use the knife on the sticky bat to remove the sap
Use the tree sap on the chunk of rock
Use the sticky chunk of rock on the bit of stone to make a stone key
Use the stone key on the altar statue to disclose a secret staircase
Descend the stairs and cross the green room into the temple maze
In the room with the dino rat, walk directly across to the left exit on the lower edge of the screen
In the room full of still water, take the lower of the two exits at right (the one with a chunk missing)
In the dry room without the dino rat, take the uppermost of the two exits at left
From the room with a window, exit NE
If desired, use the vacuum cleaner on the floor of the mosaic room
Careful examination of the wall and floor markings shows that the only wall marking not on the floor is in the bottom row and second column from the left
Move this wall marking
After the wall markings change, the only one not seen on the floor is the backwards IE symbol in the third row from the top and the third column from the left
Move this wall marking to open a new exit
Move E and talk to the temple guardian:

  • Of course! I'm Joe Almaxaquottl, prince for hire!

Give the crown to the guardian and pick up the crystal skull
Move N W and move each of the two wall panels beneath the window
Use the chair to leave the temple


Now, go to Floda...

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