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This part of the solution is taken from Balmoral Software's Web site, where you can also find some cool maps... Thanks a lot for helping us!



Respond to Ironstein:

  • Why on Earth do you need more dinosaurs?
  • Deoxyribonucleic acid. It's found in chromosomes.
  • You're not mixing dinosaur D.N.A with human D.N.A.?

Pick up the mug and use it on the prison door
Go down the stairs and pick up the super weenie serum from the laboratory shelf
Return to Klunk's corridor
Use the can opener on the dog food
Use the super weenie serum on the opened dog food
Give Klunk the chef's surprise, then talk to him:

  • You really think you're a tough guy, don't you?
  • I don't think you're tough. I think you're a weenie.

Open the door next to Klunk and enter the office beyond
Use the pencil on the writing pad to disclose the combination to a safe
Exit back to Klunk's corridor, then move E to the two-doors corridor
Open the far door and enter the room beyond
Move the green file cabinet, then use the combination piece of paper on the safe
Open the safe and look at it to obtain a padlock key and a rocket plan
Exit via the elevator to the Floda library
Leave the building and give the squeaky toy to the guard dog
Open the "KEEP OUT" door and enter the shed
In the warehouse, use the padlock key on the box's padlock
Open the box and look in it to obtain a rocket pack
Look at the rocket pack to see that it's out of fuel
Look at the comic book to determine that the rocket pack can be refueled with alcohol
Return via the Pinnacle to Trader Bob's shop
Pick up the alcohol
Use the torn comic book page with the comic coupon
Look at the Pocket Rocket blueprints
Use the alcohol on the rocket pack
Return to the Pinnacle and use the rocket pack


Now, go to the Valley of the Mists...

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