GibChingu Startup-Sequence

Here is my complete Startup-Sequence, cooked after many hours... I tried to put the best patches around while making sure that they don't work against one another



Commands Arguments Comments Versions
C:Patches/BlizKick * EXTRESBUF=40960 SPEEDROM HOGWAITBLIT MODULE BBlank NewAlert NoClick SpeedyCHIP SpeedyIDE LIBS:Icon.library QUIET I am lucky to already have v3.1 ROMs, so I just reckick to add nice modules and the latest icon.library! v1.24
C:Patches/SetPatch QUIET   v43.7
To make sure that every tasks get enough stack v2.9
C:Patches/SaferPatches >NIL: INSTALL REMEMBER To avoid conflicts and unremovable patches v2.12
C:Patches/PatchControl >NIL: #?ARQ Complementary to SaferPatches with special attention to ARQ, from the MCP archive v2.3
Resident >NIL: C:Assign PURE To speed things a bit v37.4
Resident >NIL: C:Execute PURE v37.11



Commands Arguments Comments Versions
C:MakeDir RAM:T RAM:Clipboards RAM:ENV RAM:ENV/Sys To prepare the ground for SysPic v37.2
C:Assign >NIL: ENV: RAM:ENV v37.4
To have a screen resolution of 1024x768 v40.6
C:SysPic SYS:Prefs/Patterns/Commodore MODEID=0x00059024 To have a nice picture immediately after booting, during the boot v4.0



Commands Arguments Comments Versions
C:Assign CON: DISMOUNT To replace the Console handler and have nicer features v1.3
C:Mount CON: FROM DEVS:KingCON-MountList
C:Mount RAW: FROM DEVS:KingCON-MountList
C:Mount KCON: FROM DEVS:KingCON-MountList
C:Mount KRAW: FROM DEVS:KingCON-MountList
C:ConClip   To enable sharing clipboards across consoles and the system v37.7


Mandatory Patches 

Commands Arguments Comments Versions
C:Patches/CardPatch   To patch the PCMCIA port to make it work nicely (and reset correctly) v1.2
C:Run >NIL: C:Patches/CardReset TICKS 50 v3.0
C:Patches/Cocolino.driver   To enable the PS/2 mouse adapter from the first boot v1.3c
C:Patches/PoolMem >NIL: INSTALL To maintain memory unfragmented (as possible) v1.53
C:Patches/BlazeWCP   To have fast chunky pixels functions v1.74
C:Patches/TagLiFE   To speed up TagLists v1.4
C:Patches/FastIEEE   To speed up the math IEEE libraries v40.2



Commands Arguments Comments Versions
C:Assign >NIL: T: RAM:T To enable various assigns v37.4
C:Assign >NIL: CLIPS: RAM:Clipboards
C:Assign >NIL: REXX: S:
C:Assign >NIL: PRINTERS: DEVS:Printers
C:Assign >NIL: KEYMAPS: DEVS:Keymaps
C:Assign >NIL: LOCALE: SYS:Locale
C:Assign >NIL: LIBS: SYS:Classes ADD
Path >NIL: RAM: C: SYS:Utilities SYS:Rexxc SYS:System S: SYS:Prefs SYS:WBStartup SYS:Tools SYS:Tools/Commodities v40.2


Disks, Drivers, and DataTypes 

Commands Arguments Comments Versions
C:AddBuffers >NIL: DF0: 15 To add more buffers to the disk drive v37.2
C:BindDrivers   To load and run device drivers if any v38.2
C:Mount >NIL: DEVS:DOSDrivers/~(#?.info) >NIL: DEVS:DOSDrivers/~(#?.info) To mount the DOS drivers if any v38.2
C:AddDataTypes REFRESH QUIET To enable data-types with datatypes.library v45.3 v45.2



Commands Arguments Comments Versions
C:Version >NIL: Not sure what good this does... v39.4
SetEnv Workbench $Workbench v40.2
SetEnv Kickstart $Kickstart
UnSet Workbench
UnSet Kickstart


Other Patches

Commands Arguments Comments Versions
C:Patches/MemTrailer 64 To allocate extra memory at the end of each block and prevent some overwritings v1.10
C:Patches/FBlit   To use CPU instead of Blitter, good for fast Amigas v3.79
C:Patches/FText   To rend text in Fast RAM for speed up v1.7
C:Patches/FastIPrefs G To set the preferences v40.35
C:Patches/SystemPatch >NIL: NOUTIL DYNAMICDMA To speed up lots of functions. It requires NOUTIL to prevent a conflict with TagList v2.99
C:Patches/FPPrefs   To define, save, and lock all Workbench colors v40.23
C:Patches/MCP   To dramatically improve the Amiga with dozens of patches/utils. Beware of conflicts, though... v1.30
C:Patches/PatchOpenWB   To fix a bug in the Workbench v3.1 and prevent a possible crash v39.2


Yet Other Patches

Commands Arguments Comments Versions
C:Run >NIL: C:Patches/Arq   To have animated dialogs v1.83
C:Run >NIL: C:Patches/BeepPatch   To flash the screenbar on a beep (instead of the ugly screen flash) v1.1
C:Run >NIL: C:Patches/CopyMem060   To speed up the memory copy-related functions ('060 and '030 versions exist) v1.1
C:Run >NIL: C:Patches/NewIcons   To dramatically improve the appearance of icons (and their looks!) v40.6


The End

Commands Arguments Comments Versions
C:Execute S:User-Startup   v37.11
Resident Execute REMOVE   v40.2
Resident Assign REMOVE   v40.2
C:Patches/StackAttack AUTO To prevent problems with the stack v2.9
C:LoadWB     v38.9
EndCLI >NIL:   v40.2


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