GibChingu WBStartup

Finally, in my WBStartup, which uses WBStartup+, I run several programs to enhance my Workbench


Programs Comments Versions
AutoUpdateWB To update Workbench windows content automatically v37.0
ClosePic To close the image shown during boot v3.0
DaLastAlert3-Check To show information about the last Guru... if any v3.0d
DefIconsNI To have nice icons for files without icons v4.6
FreeWheel To enable the wheel/third button of the mouse v2.2.1
MagicMenu To have nice-looking pop-up menus v2.35
ScreenTab To have a button bar + shortcuts to change windows and screens v3.2
SGrab To grab shots of windows and screens v1.22
StartNetworking To start MiamiDX and some Samba shares with SMBFS N/A
TinyMeter To have nice-looking bars and clock v4.31
ToolsDaemon To add menus and menu items to the Workbench menus v37.84


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Tygre - 2015-06-06 07:36:18 pm