Group 01

A: The Bridge

Grabber and Zapper; 0-2; +∞,

Use Grabber to make all the lifts go up by "forcing them up". Then, make Zapper walk all the way until the end lift and go down. Use Grabber now to make all lifts go down. Zapper can now walk and destroy the two flags.

B: Back to the Old 'Freezerinos'

Grabber and Zapper; 1-0; +∞,

The easier (and nicer) way to solve this tower is to program Grabber and Zapper. Make Grabber face the freezer and program it as follows:


Then, make Zapper face the end of its lane and program it as follows:


Now, "run all" the programs repeatedly until all zapper canons have been destroyed. BEWARE to wait for the freezer to recharge before running the programs again...

C: When is a Lift not a Lift?

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 1-0; +∞,

The trick is to use the lift has a barrier against the zapping canon. Use Grabber to force the lift up. Then, use Pusher to push the block two times to free Zapper. Make Zapper destroy the zapping canon. Now, Grabber can force the lift down and collect the klondike.

D: Cause and Effect

Grabber and Zapper; 1-0; +∞,

Make Zapper go to the very end of its lane, atop the very last lift. Make Grabber force all the lifts down and, immediately, move it besides the block to prevent the pushing canon to move the block. Zapper stayed up because he was on the lift; make it go down and destroy the flag. Grabber can now collect the klondike.

E: Trouble with Lizards

Grabber and Pusher; 2-0; +∞,

The puzzle should be started by Pusher firing to push the Block on the path of the farthest Lizard and then Pusher moving fast to block the way of the second Lizard after it eats away one tile and change direction. Then, a route is free for Grabber to simply reach the Elevator and collect the two Klondikes.

F: Teamwork on the Spiral Staircase

Pusher and Zapper; 0-4; 200s,

Because the two lizards on the first floor of the tower will eat one square every time they will change direction, Grabber must immediately push the block to stop the furthest lizard and then move onto the lane of the closest lizard as fast as possible to block it. Then, Grabber can nicely go take the lift and collect the klondikes.

G: The Tunnel

Grabber and Zapper; 2-1; 280s,

Zapper must go first through the tunnel by taking the closest lift down and the farthest one up to destroy the flag. Once it destroyed the flag, it must come back to its original position so that Grabber can also go through the tunnel. Grabber should collect first the Klondike farthest to the Pushing Canon and then move on to the side to collect the remaining Klondike without being pushed.

H: Get Them Hoppers

Grabber and Zapper; 0-4; 110s,

Grabber must activate the Force Up to raise the lift, which allows Zapper to go safely destroy the Zapping Canon. Then, Grabber should lower the lift using the Force Down and let Zapper go up and destroy as many Hoppers as possible.

I: A Little More Complex

Grabber and Pusher; 2-0; +∞,

Pusher should push the Glass Block on its left. The Glass Block will reflect the beam from the Zapping Canon next to Grabber. Then, Grabber can go up to collect the first Klondike. Grabber must trigger the Force Down, which allows Pusher to go up and push the Block hidding the second Klonding from Grabber.

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