Group 02

A: A Simple Problem!

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 1-0; 200s,


B: The Pink Garage

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 3-1; 120s,

This puzzle is quite simple but required to not wait: Grabber must push the Block to protect from the Zapping Canon and then go around the Glass Block to push it and cause the Zapping Canon to destroy itself. Then, Grabber should quickly collect the Klondike on the lift and use the lift and get out of the way of the Lizard. Meanwhile, Zapper should also get ouf of the way of the Lizard so that the Lizard activate the Proximity Mine. Finally, Grabber can collect the two remaining Klondikes.

C: It's a Worm's Life

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 2-0; 220s,

A difficult one at first... Zapper must take the farthest lift to go destroy the Zapping Canon. Pusher then can take the second farthest lift on the right to push a Block and take its place to be then pushed on top of the lift that will allow Grabber to grab the second Klondike. Grabber must activate the Force Down and wait for the two Proximity Mines to explode and kill the poor Lizards. Finally, Grabber can take one lift to grab on Klondike and then take the lift on which Pusher sits (by Pusher pushing the remaining Block first) and collect the second Klondikes.

D: Guessing Games

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 0-3; 400s,

This tower is indeed a real tower: impossible to see inside so the guess is that Pusher should be used to destroy the Zapping Canon (through the Convertor) and then yield its place to Zapper to go down in the tower and destroy two Hoppers. Unfortunately, to yield its place, Zapper must destroy Pusher.

E: The Staggering Descent!

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 3-0; +∞,

This is a difficult one! The trick is to destroy a first Zapping Canon and the Push Down to allow Pusher to go down by the lift closest to Zapper and Grabber to get away from the line of fire. Then, one by one, Pusher and Zapper can destroy each Zapping Canon in turn: Pusher goes up and down the lifts, allowing Zapper to pass and destroy the Zapping Canon one after the other. Finally, Grabber can bring all lifts down safely to collect a first Klondike in the middle of the lifts and then go up and collect the two remaining Klondikes.

F: A Walk along Brighton Pier

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 2-0; +∞,

Pusher must go up first and destroy the upper Zapping Canon using the Glass Block. Then, Zapper can destroy the two lower rotating Zapping Canon and, by going up and then down, can destroy the remaining Zapping Canon (after which it will be stuck alone because of the Pushing Canon). Finally, Grabber can safely go on to collect the two Klondikes.

G: La Tour Eiffel

Grabber and Zapper; 1-0; +∞,

A difficult one that requires coordination between Zapper and Grabber. Grabber must raise the lifts using the Force Up and then Zapper must destroy it. Grabber then can go down and make way for Zapper by activating the other Force Up. Once both are side by side, the trick is to program Grabber to activate the Freezer while Zapper goes down the farther lift and shot the frozen Zapping Canon before immediately going up. This routine must be repeated four time for the four Zapping Canons:


Finally, once the four Zapping Canons are destroyed, Zapper must go up and destroy the Freezer to allow Grabber to use the lift, to go down, and to collect the Klondike.

H: Blockbuster

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 2-1; +∞,

Pusher must push the two Block to protect Zapper and Grabber. Once the blocks moved (using the lifts to go from one side to the other), Zapper gan go fist up to destroy the Hopper and then yield its place for Grabber to collect the two Klondikes.

I: Pushover

Grabber and Pusher; 1-0; 110s,

Pusher also simply must push each Block to protect free the Hopper, which will destroy the mine, while opening a way for Grabber: not time to waste because just 10 seconds are left when Grabber collects the Klondike!

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