Group 04

A: The Tangled Web

Grabber and Zapper; 1-2; +∞,


B: Pushing Back the Frontiers

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 4-0; +∞,


C: Penned in

Grabber and Pusher; 0-6; +∞,


D: The Djin Bottle

Grabber and Zapper; 0-4; +∞,

Two Freezers, you got to use them! The trick is to constantly freeze everything until Zapper is in position to destroy the Hopper, then, it is just a matter of shooting in time...

E: The 'S' Bend

Pusher and Zapper; 0-2; +∞,

Double Converters! Zapper must first do down and destroy the "free" Hopper. Then, Pusher must take its place and use the two Converters to push the Glass Block, then either it or Zapper can destroy the liberated Hopper.

F: Worm Your Way out of This

Grabber and Zapper; 6-0; 100s,

Poor Zapper: after Grabber activates the Wiper to prevent the worm from activating the Proximity Mine and moves to the next tile, it must collect the Klondike closer to Zapper and let Zapper "suicide" to access the other tiles and collect the remaining Klondikes.

G: Hurry Up

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 2-6; 65s,

Zapper should move two tiles towards the Hoppers and then destroy them all. Meanwhile Pusher can move out of Grabber's way. As soon as Grabber can fire upon the Exchanger, it should jump twice and go collect the Klondikes.

H: Two Ways to do It

Grabber; 1-0; 30s,


I: Really Amazing

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 1-6; +∞,


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