Group 07

A: Quick 'n' Easy

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 1-0; 29s,

So annoying this time limit! Zapper and Pusher must be programmed to get out of Grabber's way and destroy the Zapping Canon and the Proximity Mines, which are being pushed, before they reach Grabber. Grabber must turn right to be in the direction of the Zapping Canon.

Zapper:   F

At exactly 26 seconds, Grabber must start moving forward until it reaches the last tile and then, before completing its move on the last tile, must turn and collect the Klondike... with 1 second left!

B: Pussy's in the Well

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 1-0; +∞,

Here is a complex one... First Zapper must turn left, move forward to escape from the Time Bomb, and shoot the Prism through the Converter to push it. Once the Time Bomb has exploded, Zapper must destroy the (hidden) Zapping Canon by shooting at the Prism. Now, Pusher must also shoot through the Converter to destroy the Zapping Canon. Grabber must not move yet (two Prisms direct the laser of the bottom Zapping Canon toward the next tile) but raise all the lifts using the Force Up. Pusher can now go on the same level as Zapper. Zapper must go up and destroy the Flag. Then, it must go down again and Pusher must go on the lift going to the roof, to prevent it to move. Zapper can now go one more level down: it arrives just next a Proximity Mine (with a Zapping Canon just after it) and should move away from the Proximity Mine to trigger it and also be destroyed. Grabber can again lift all the lifts using the Force Up (except the lift going to the roof, on which Pusher must sit). Pusher can now go all the way down. Once at the bottom level, where Grabber is, Pusher must push the Prism next to the Hopper, so that it is destroyed by the Zapping Canon. Finally, Pusher must also be destroyed to allow Grabber to use the Exchanger and go all the way up to collect the Klondike.

C: Identity Crisis...

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 1-0; +∞,


D: The Shooting Gallery

Grabber and Zapper; 0-4; 135s,


E: The Igloo

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 1-0; 1,000s,

Zapper must destroy the two Zapping Canons that it can reach inside the "igloo". Then, Grabber can safely lower all the lifts using the Force Down and use the farther, right-most lift to go one level up, go around the Zapping Canon, use the lift, go around the Pushing Canon, and collect the Klondike.

F: Funnel

Grabber and Zapper; 1-0; 360s,

Not a second to loose! Zapper should turn right to face a Hopper and be programmed as follows:


It should run and during its program, Grabber must wait for the lower Hopper to be on the lift closest to the Klondike before raising all the other lifts using the Force Up. Then, Zapper must go down the "funnel" as fast as possible, destroying the Hoppers before they stop it. Once on the lower level, it must destroy the Force Up and the Hopper to allow Grabber to take the lift and collect the Klondike... as fast as possible! I did not loose time but only had 9 seconds left...

G: Gulp!

Grabber; 1-0; 170s,

Difficult to explain: because of the Proximity Mine, Grabber must walk left-right-left-right to reach the lift that is at the corner of the first floor. Then, it must go straight towards the furthest Proximity Mine and, again, walks like a crab to go around all the Proximity Mines to collect the Klondike... no time to loose!

H: The Icing on the Cake...

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 1-0; +∞,

I could not find a solution that does not involve the destructions of Pusher. Simply, Grabber must lower all the lifts using the Force Down to allow Pusher to go up and push the Block that hide the Hopper. Then, Pusher go down and go near the Proximity Mine. Grabber can now raise all the lifts using the Force Up: Pusher should explode with the Proximity Mine while the other Proximity Mine is destroyed by the Hopper. Now, Zapper can go all the way down and destroy the Force Up to allow Grabber to climb up and collect the Klondike.

I: Tunnels

Grabber and Pusher; 2-0; +∞,

With some method, it is easy: Grabber should first raise all the lift using the Force Up. Thus, Pusher can go all the way down. Now, Pusher can push the Glass Block to destroy the Zapping  Canon, that's all it should do right now. Grabber can now lower all the lift using the Force Down and collect the Klondike. Pusher can now push the Prism and use the lift to go up. It should methodically push the Glass Block in front of the two rows of Zapping Canon to free a passage to the second Klondike. Finally, it can go down and Grabber can retrace his steps to collect the Klondike.

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