Group 12

A: Zeebede's Revenge

Pusher and Zapper; 0-4; +∞,

Because Zapper can fire while being pushed, it should go down from the lift and let Pusher pass to push the Prism in the corner, then just follow and, as it is being pushed by the Pushing Canons, it can fire at the Flags.


B: Preaching to the Converted

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 0-3; +∞,

Pusher can destroy the object in front of it through the Convertors. Zapper can destroy the Hopper... Now, I could only finish this puzzle by scarifying Zapper to the Proximity Mine closest to Pusher, which destroy also one Convertor, allowing Pusher to push the Glass Block in front of the Zapping Canon.


C: Elementary, Dr. Watson. Elementary

Grabber and Zapper; 3-0; +∞,

If no lift goes down when Grabber uses the Force Down, it is because the Force Down sits on the only lift! Zapper should destroy the Force Down and go down first to also destroy the Zapping Canon. Then, Grabber can go down and collect first the right Klondike, then the middle one and, finally, the left one.


D: Mission Impossible

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 2-0; +∞,

An interesting one where all must contribute! First Grabber must raise all the lifts with the Force Up. Then, Pusher can push the block that is in front of Zapper (without getting too close: beware of the rotating Zapping Canons!). Then, slowly, Zapper can destroy the two Zapping Canons and free the way for Grabber. Grabber can now go to the Force Down, then collect the Klondike... vertigo!


E: Black Market

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 2-0; +∞,

Grabber must force the two lifts up using the Force Up. Zapper goes on the lift closest to the Klondike, which allows Pusher to push the Prism all the way. Now, using the Prism, Zapper can destroy the Zapping Canon next to one of the Klondike. It can then go down and get out of the way. Grabber uses two Exchangers to reach the same lift, go up, and collect the Klondikes.


F: The Bank Job

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 1-0; +∞,

The Klondike is in the middle, at the bottom... Pusher must block the Zapping Canon with the Block and then Grabber must lower all the lifts using the Force Down. Zapper must then destroy this Force Down to free the way for Pusher to go around the Zapping Canon and destroy it through the Converter and then go around again to destroy the Force Up on the lift. Grabber can now take this lift. Zapper can join Grabber and destroy the last Zapping Canon, freeing the way for Grabber to collect the Klondike.


G: Bridges

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 2-0; +∞,

Here is a difficult one... Grabber as fast as possible go down, activate the Push Up, go to the (raising) lift on its left, go down, activate the Wiper, and move onto the first "line" of tiles: (1) to prevent the Land Lizard from reaching the end of the line and (2) to prevent the Land Lizard to go back to close. So, there should be one tile left behind the lift opposite Pusher and a path to the next line of tiles. Now, Grabber must raise all the lifts. Zapper must first destroy the Zapping Canon that is on the same level and then go all the way down, join Grabber, and destroy the Zapping Canon facing Pusher (protected by a raised lift). Now, Grabber can lower all the lifts. Pusher can go up on the first lift and destroy a Zapping Canon by pushing the Glass Block. It should then go down and up to go "over" the bridge with the Grabber's help to raise the lifts at the right moment. Pusher can now take the lift that go up and put it immediately next to the Proximity Mine. Unfortunately, Pusher must push this Proximity Mine and sacrifice itself to destroy it. Finally, Grabber can follow Pusher's path and reach the two extreme lifts to go up and collect the two Klondikes.


H: Things that Go Zap in the Dark

Grabber and Zapper; 2-0; +∞,

Of course, there are Zapping Canons hiding behind the lifts going to the lower floor... So, Zapper must carefully go up and destroy the four Zapping Canons, then it can swap place with Grabber so that Grabber is next to the Freezer. Zapper can go to the lower level and destroy the Zapping Canon thanks to Grabber activating the Freezer. Now, Grabber and Zapper can exchange place once again and Grabber can safely go down and collect the two Klondikes.


I: The Final Barrier

Grabber, Pusher, and Zapper; 3-0; +∞,

Pusher must go next to the Glass Block to prevent it from being pushed. Then, Grabber can lower all the lifts and collect the first Klondike. It is now facing the Freezer. Zapper can go up the lifts and destroy the Zapping Canon thanks to Grabber's help with the Freezer. Pusher can move out of the way. Grabber must raise all the lifts and take Zapper's place to cross the barrier... and can collect the two remaining Klondikes, starting from the farther one to avoid having the Worm setting the Proximity Mine!


And thus, you can go back home to Zantor... Even if the end title screen is much less romantic!

(Final score: 26,140 )


Ending screen of Tower of Babel

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