Lost Dutchman Mine

Lost Dutchman Mine is an computer game designed for DOS, Amiga, and Atari ST. It was published by Innerprise and Magnetic Images in 1989. It is a point-and-click adventure and simulation game of mining in the Old West. It has nice graphics and offer a nice variety of actions, including playin poker...



The game is based on a true story: that of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is a legendary gold mine located in the Superstition Mountains, near Phoenix, Arizona, USA. It is supposed to be so rich in gold that gold ore could be collected using a simple knife. It was discovered by the German immigrant and miner Jacob Waltz (c. 1810–1891, hence the name of Dutch, instead of Deutsch) between 1868 and 1886 during mining forays. Of course, it is connected to many variant legends and stories but it is the gold mine that you must discover in the game!

So, here you are, in Goldfield, at the feet of the Superstition Mountains, in 1896, ready to find the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine! Although you have a white beard, and some will call you old-timer, you are fit, in good health, and smart... and ready to become very rich by claiming the Dutchman’s gold!

To succeed, you will control your character using both mouse and joystick in town and in the desert. You must earn money by panning the river first. You must also fish to eat and be careful with drinking regularly and keeping canteens full of water. Once you have earned enough money, you can buy donkeys and all the material necessary to foray the mountains and mine various caves... and eventually the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine!

During your forays, you will need a gun to scare off Native Americans who may try to steal your belongings, to kill bandits who want also to mug you, and to get rid of snakes... You will need long johns, the nights are cold! You will also need a lamp and matches to see in the cave, pikes and shovels to collect ore... and a map if you can find its pieces!


Graphic Design

The graphics are very nice and detailed, especially in the town. However, the scenes are a little bit repetitive; especially in the desert... essentially, there are just a few dozen different scenes that repeat again and again.


Music and Sounds

Hmm, I don’t recall any music but I must confess that I played the game with the sound very low... I just remember some piano tune typical of the Old West and some sounds in few scenes, like the bangs of the gun in the desert or of the pike in the caves. The cutest sound is certainly that of the rooster in the morning if you sleep at the bar!



Animations are few, essentially that of your character walking in town, panning, or mining. They are nice though. Native Americans, bandits, fish, and spiders are also cutely animated.



Point-and-Click, Interactions

You control your character with the mouse and the joystick. You use the mouse to access the panel at the bottom of the screen and the various items in the town. You use the joystick to move your character, fight off robbers and snakes, and fish. Interactions are rather skant but easy, no hidden tasks or difficulties... except after discovering the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine! There, you must control your character to go up few ropes while avoiding spiders, moving from left to right... it takes some practice!



The game is of high quality but repetitive. How many trips to town and to the river will you need to finish the game?


Luckily, you may stumble upon the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine by chance... like I did! Then, the game is almost immediately over. You will receive a claim number but I don’t know what to do with it... (Contact me if you want to know the location of the Lost Dutchman Mine )

Unless you are very unlucky, you cannot die because snake bites, arrow wounds, and gunshots can be treated immediately and fully by the town doctor... and at no expense if you have no money... you can pay later.

You will need the user manual from time to time to answer anti-piracy question, which you must not fail, else you are return to the Workbench immediately!




The Lost Dutchman Mine is a great game but a bit repetitive and with a short lifespan... unless you decide to visit the 100 caves in the map! However, it is very nice to play, say, when you have a rainy afternoon ahead of you...


  • Musics: neutral;
  • Sounds: good;
  • Graphics: excellent;
  • Playability: excellent;
  • Lastability: few weeks.



  • Name: Lost Dutchman Mine;
  • Publisher: Innerprise and Magnetic Images;
  • Type: point-and-click adventure and mining simulation;
  • Date: 1989;
  • Hardware: Amiga OCS, 512Kb;
  • License: commercial;
  • Final mark: 6/10.


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