Tracking and fixing memory

mpatrol is a library for controlling and tracing dynamic memory allocations and, although I didn't try it for the Amiga, its Web site provides interesting pointers to Amiga-related software. I summarise here the tools that are still available and which I tested (or not):

  • APurify for assembly code, I haven't tested it because I write C code ;
  • Enforcer, the famous system written by Michael Sinz, which I run in the background when something goes wrong with my Amiga. Its high points is that it detect reading and writing out of "bounds" and can even tell which program is offending the AmigaOS.
  • Fortify is a nice complement/alternative for C programmers to Enforcer: it replace the common allocation-related C functions and provide checks and statistics. Very handy to debug and to make sure that all memory is freed! I am using it in all my C code.
  • Memlib (formely MemWatch) seems to be an alternative to Fortify but I haven't tried it yet, because I am quite happy with Fortify.
  • MuForce and MuGuardianAngel are the famous programs by Thomas Richter that are based on and replace Enforcer to benefit from the MMU if you have one! I am also using them when not using Enforcer, very cool!
  • MungWall, WipeOut, MemTrailer, and others are useful to check and prevent (if possible!) writings to wrong memory locations. MemTrailer is a nice-to-have always in your Startup-Sequence.

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