WonlaeGeot Software v1.1

The A1000 shipped with the second public versions of the Kickstart and Workbench (OS + GUI), version 1.1.

  • The Kickstart is on a disk because it wasn't finished on-time for the release. It is a ROM that provides basic libraries, initialises the Amiga, and attempts to boot from a suitable volume. I have the disk with Part Number 327244-02.
  • The Workbench is both the operating system and the user interface of the OS. It provides a CLI, a filesystem, a graphic system with windows, etc. to use the Amiga. It also provides a user interface to interact with these components and the Amiga. I have the disk with Part Number 327245-02.
  • The A1000 also came with an Extra Disk containing ABasic, with Part Number 316167-01.


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