X10 Programming / 2020-03-21 08:46:15

X10 is a communication protocol for electric devices through power line wires (and radio). With a set of X10 devices, it is possible to control appliances (and more!) in the house and to program their behaviour using an Amiga .


Controllers and Modules

A X10 setup consists of a set of controllers and modules. Controllers send signals (through the electric wires of the house) to modules that receive and act upon them.



The CM11A controller allows interfacing with any computer with a serial port. The Amiga has a DB-25 RS232 serial port. Hence, the cable must be adapted. Of course, there exists DB-25 to DB-9 adapters but that wouldn't be fun  so I built my own cable.

The CM11A has a RJ11 female socket. The Amiga has a DB-25 male connector. I took a RJ11 make plug and connected to a DB-25 male connector. I had to do some research because the specs weren't were clear:

1 Black Black
2 Red Blue
3 Green Red
4 Yello Yello
RJ11 DB-9  
1 2 RxD
2 9 RI
3 3 TxD
4 5 G
2 RxD 3
3 TxD 2
5 Gnd 7
9 RI 22
  • To finally build the following cable:
RJ11 Colour DB-9 DB-25
1 Black 2 RxD 3
2 Blue 9 RI 22
3 Red 3 TxD 2
4 Yellow 5 Gnd 7