How to use this Wiki

How do I edit a Wiki page?

Navigate to that page (if you're not there already) by clicking on a link to it on another Wiki page, or click on "List all pages" in the menu and then on the name of the page. Then click on "Edit this page" in the menu. More help on how to edit is available at the bottom of the edit dialog (which only displays those features configured in your Wiki).

Avoid use of the browser navigation (i.e. the buttons "Backwards", "Forwards" and "Refresh") while editing – unless you want to discard your changes! If your Wiki uses the "lockpage" plugin then the currently edited page will be locked in your favour for up to 30 minutes, to prevent someone else overwriting your changes. The lock is released when you use the Wiki buttons to save or cancel the edit, but not when you use the browser navigation! Logged in users pick up a lost lock in their own name automatically when they try again to edit the page, but in the case of guests the lock remains active for the full 30 minutes.

How can I create a new Wiki page?

Edit the page which should connect to the new page and insert a link to the new page before it exists. Save your changes, you'll now see the link to the new page – click on it, an empty page will be displayed. Click on "Edit this page" to create and edit it.

How can I upload files like pictures or PDFs?

There are two possible ways for you to upload files:

  1. Via the Upload-Button in the menu.
  2. Via the inbuilt resources browser of the WYSIWYG-Editor, if your Wiki uses it.

There is one difference: The uploader prepends the name of the logged in user to the file name; the WYSIWYG-Editor does not. Therefore in general the uploader should be preferred, because then we can see who uploaded a file.

Previous page versions

Click "Page History" to see a list of previous versions. If you are allowed to edit the page, there will also be a link "Edit this Page" to the right of each version. If you edit and save a previous version, it becomes the current version; the previous current version is not lost, but is itself then available as a "previous version". If you only want a part of a previous version, edit it, copy the part you want with Ctrl-C and cancel the edit; then edit the current version and paste the copied text with Ctrl-V.

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